About HackSpace GRC

A hackspace (also known as a makerspace, a hacklab, or hackerspace) is a community-operated (usually Not-For-Profit) workspace where people with common interests around technology (i.e. computers, programming, robotics, hardware building/hacking, mechatronics, digital art and/or electronic art, etc.) can meet, network, socialize, exchange ideas and collaborate in various projects.

Not everyone joining a hackspace is or must be a computer hacker or have extensive knowledge on hardware and/or programming. The hackspace is there to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn from others, contribute with ideas and projects, and explore new technologies.

From writing a few simple lines of code, to Raspberry Pi projects, to 3D printing, to automating tasks such as the watering of plants using circuit boards like Arduino, to building a hovering weather station; a hackspace is the door to an open collaboration in knowledge and learning, while understanding science and technology, especially at a young age.

The best projects in the world started by groups of friends having an experimental hackspace at their basement or garage. Imagine what you can do, by having access to a large and open community, ready to learn and collaborate.

Lead your own team by building a hackspace cluster with your friends in your local community, or find an existing cluster to join. It is that simple! The only question remaining to answer is..

What will you learn & build next?

I code, therefore I am

Programming and scripting languages allow you to write your own code, run algorithms, and build software.

Hardware Hacking
Get a soldering iron

Modify the behaviour of electronics while understanding the inner workings of embedded systems

3D Printing
Creating 3-Dimentional objects

Being able to design, print, clone complicated and high quality 3-Dimentional objects, is already changing the world

Writing software directly on a computer chip

An open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use Hardware (H/W) & Software (S/W) able to perform Input/Output (I/O) tasks

Raspberry Pi
A complete Linux computer

A modern computer originally designed for education, that fits in your pocket with endless capabilities

Sensors & Electronics
Sensed and/or Controlled

Electronic components used to detect events or changes in its enviroment while being able to communicate its data